Renowned Food Organizations

Unlike many countries in the world Canadian government takes the issue of food packing and delivery very seriously. It is because safe and hygienic food and its delivery right to the customers is the top priority of the government. The food organizations of the country are directly monitored and controlled by the government. It includes not merely food but also gambling industry. These days there are a lot of credible resources which is safe and free to attend. Strict check and balances are kept to make sure that the food processed is of highest quality and standard. From dairy to meat every food organization works in a transparent manner. The general public on the other hand also takes this issue very seriously.

Canadian Meat Council

The meat is the first and foremost product due to the fact that the consumption is high in Canada. Canadian Meat Council in this regard takes serious steps for safe and healthy chicken. Not only the slaughter houses in Canada are monitored but the meat packaging is also very much closely monitored. It is the only organization in Canada which is responsible for almost 90%of packed meat quality check. The best part is that this organization is also related to huge revenue generation which is about $24 B annually. In addition to meat processing and packing the livestock of the country is also monitored by this giant.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Formed in 1997 this agency is working hard to safeguard the food processing for the Canadian people. It has a separate act which is known as Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act. It directly reports to the ministry of health. The inspectors of this agency make sure that the food processing places are clean and hygienic. These inspectors are properly trained and can manage the food related issues with ease. The gaps within the industry are also identified and proper measures are taken. Canadian Food Inspection Agency is also responsible to control contagious diseases which might occur due to food processing issues.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Not only this agency is related to agricultural food production but it also ensures that proper research is carried out in to take the overall processing units to next level. It makes policies in such a manner that fresh Agri products reach the Canadian markets. The agri exports are also monitored so that the farmers never get into issues of non-payment due to substandard quality. Agri food processing is also monitored by this agency which directly reports the government. Complete assistance is also provided to the farmers to increase per hectare production.

Canadian Dairy Commission

Formed in 1966 the Canadian Dairy Commission ensures that the dairy products reaching in markets are pure and hygienic. From initial or raw production to packing complete process is monitored to make sure that the best product development is made possible. Canadian Dairy Commission Act governs the rules and regulations of this organization. On the other hand, this agency also makes sure that the dairy producers remain well versed in all forms of production. Seminars and workshops are also held to provide state of the art knowledge.