What food associations help to maintain Canadian food industry?

A food organization is one of the best ways to ensure that hygienic edibles are consumed in the country. These organizations are responsible to make sure that the people consume exactly for what they are paying. The rigorous working model of these food organizations is also to create awareness among the consumers. Some of these are owned by private companies and the others are direct government operated. Whatever the case is the end result is the same i.e. the consumer gets the best food to eat. The wellness of consumer is another factor which is associated with the idea. The consumer is given the idea about the nutrients required by the body. For this purpose, the wellness programs are also carried out by these organizations.

Canadian Health Food Association

Natural and organic products are the ones which are promoted by this organization. It is dedicated to providing the right type of food for the right body. The organization is dedicated to the field of research as well. The living practices are also recommended to the communities and the organization also ensures that the implementation plans are also discussed. The food research is also done by the organization to make sure that wellness of different food qualities is conveyed to the consumers. The organization also conducts workshops and other fun-filled activities to attract families to the healthy lifestyle.

Canadian Agriculture and Food Industry Association

This organization works directly under the command and control of the Canadian Government. The best part of this association is that almost every food sector comes under the authority control of this association. The inspectors of the association periodically visit different food companies, their warehouses, and display centers. This ensures that the right process is being followed.   The distributors of different companies also keep a constant touch with the organization to ensure that they get their distribution processes updated constantly. From livestock to dairy and from fish to other seafood the association keeps a very strict check and balance.

Food Secure Canada

Healthy food, elimination of hunger and a food system that is in line with the latest processes are the main aims of the organization. There are many other food organizations which are directly connected to the organization. Food Secure Canada was established in 2001 and is a proud founder of the Cathleen Kneen Award. It is awarded to the associated organization which displays best food-related practice implementation. Food Secure Canada is an organization which is member based. Anyone can become a member to delve deep into the food subject of Canada. The Food Secure Canada believes that it is the right of everyone to have healthy and appropriate food.

Food Banks Canada

It is a charitable origination which ensures that healthy food is given to the underprivileged sectors of the society. The food donations are given by the members of the organization and these members also collect the donations from the doorsteps. Food Banks Canada has provincial wise offices which can be visited to become a member of donating food if anyone wants.

Canadian Meat Science Association Events

As the name suggests this organization assures that safe meat is delivered to the Canadian markets. Complete research, development of SOPs and overall infrastructure management is done by this organization. This body is also responsible for taking and testing random meat samples once the production and packing finish. The meat related issues and diseases or sub standard meat is also reported to the authorities. There are many subsidiaries which are governed by Canadian Meat Council Act. These subsidiaries make sure that events are held throughout Canada which provides a chance to every meat developing sector to access up to date information.  The technical aspects of this organization are also busy in providing assistance to the dairy farmers in getting the desired outcome. Some very important events which are held by this organization or its subsidiaries are as follows:

Euro Sense

Also known as European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research the event makes sure that the consumer related issues are highlighted. There are many issues which a consumer might face when it comes to meat selection. It can lead to wrong choices which are not according to health. This conference makes sure that Europeans get adequate knowledge in so that this never happens. It is done by inviting top dairy and meat producers from Canada. The people interact and get tips which make it possible for them to select what is right for health.

Global Food Equipment and Technology Show

Held every year at Illinois Chicago this show is a boon for meat producers with a limited amount of such equipment. The best part is that the machinery here is highly subsidized as it is directly monitored by the Canadian government. Cost reduction and time-saving are the two most important aspects which are covered in this conference. Some very important aspects covered are as follows:

  • Process automation so that minimum human interference is required
  • SOP development which saves labor as well as time
  • Innovations in core technology as well as process improvement
  • Complete slaughterhouse equipment

International Conference on Food Technology and Nutritional Science

As the name suggests this conference ensures that the meat and dairy producers are kept aware of the nutritional facts of their productions. There are many issues which can arise if nutritional value of meat is not up to the mark. Therefore to keep this under control this conference is the best platform which provides ample knowledge in this regard. Food technology experts not only meet each other but with the producers as well. This complete mix up ensures that ideas are shared and best practices are discussed.

International Production and Processing Expo

Meat production is not the only thing which is to be considered at this expo. There are many aspects which are not only discussed but also put into the process. Here the meat packing and its delivery is top of all. The processing equipment and how to maintain a hygienic environment is something which is very important. Ways are discussed to make it possible for the meat producers. The tools which are used for the process of keeping plants hygienic are also displayed for sale.